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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

JT MONEY INTERVIEW ( Before his troubles )

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for your fans here at Tell me, how did you feel about being secluded with your competition?

Missed my kid, it was a nice break from things though. Internet, tv, radio, well I missed music but it was nice to get away from things. No distractions, a fighters fantasy camp, to tell you the truth it's the best envioroment to peform optimally.

Oh, I would bet with no distractions, it certainly is. What were your fondest memories of your time at the TUF house?

Meeting the fighters, coaches. Getting to know my team and all the fighters who will now be life long friends. Hearing their stories and how we're all so different, yet the same. Playing spades and just messing around. And when the film crew would sneak us some music to listen to on the van rides.

Any truly foul ones?

Just me being a goof ball and Jeremy may is a idiot.

Yeah I ain't diggin' his overall behavior too much myself, especially after that episode. Anything particularly special you bought with your win money, I.E. A car, etc.; or did you just spoil your kid? haha

Spoiled my kid, gotta new pair of Nike high tops that are pretty sweet, payed the baby mama, started a mutual fund, thats about it.

Sounds practical to me, brother! By the way, how old is your little one, and how do you feel about being a fighter/parent?

Kids going to be four in July. My job is a fighter, what's the big deal? There is no difference from a teacher/parent. I just choose the warrior path and consider myself a great parent.

Exactly the answer I was hoping for! About Team Quest, how do you feel about the world class level of training you get there?

You said it all, its world class training and I feel it's the best in the world. We have diffferent looks and the best guys all the time. I get my ass kicked there and love every moment of it....sometimes.

Any favorite trainers or training partners there?

Dan Henderson I really look up to. Vinicus Malghaes is great at jits and watch out for him. Mayhem Miller is fun to go with, it's just pretty much a fight. Thierry(Sokoudjou Rameau) makes me not walk and I love to get kicked by him. Mo Lawal takes me down, plus there is a plethora of up and comers and vets like Dave Gardner, Fernando Gonzalez and much more.

Great to hear you have so many trusted teachers, as well as training partners there. Have you ever trained elsewhere?

Yes, I do my own thing as well. I'm definitely a nomadic warrior and mat whore. Go different places, climb light poles, run up moutains, shadow box, grapple with my kid, Team quest is my home though.

A great home it is. Last but not least, did you feel blessed that you were restrained before attacking Jeremy May, or do you actually regret not being able to give em the old Pride stomp?

Fuck that ignorant bastard, nuff said.

Well big guy, it was great to have you do this interview. I truly hope to swing by Team Quest when I make it out to Cali. All my best to you, your team, and especially your little guy! Stay safe and healthy! I'm hoping, as well as banking on seeing great things from JTMoney in the near future!