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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lightweight Excitement...A Dream Match Come True was just a mere 2 weeks ago when I first told JP Berube of my dream MMA fight. A destined to happen match-up between top UFC lightweights Kenny 'Ken-Flo' Florian & Roger 'El Matador' Huerta. UFC 87, tentatively due to take place in Roger's home turf of Minneapolis, MN on August 9th will be the night my dream comes true. A 'next in line' lightweight title shot for the winner of this fight is already running rampant through the rumor mill. Will Roger's 6 fight winning streak in the UFC finally come to an end at the hands of Florian? Or will Huerta's persistent drive, conditioning & heart knock Ken-Flo 2 steps back? Both fighters are eager to get their well deserved title shots, especially Florian, who has some unfinished business with Mr. Sherk should he get his belt back from B.J. Penn on May 24th...but who is truly ready to be champion? Huerta has taken an 8 month break from competition to finish college and rest, after fighting 5 times in 2007. Kenny, on the other hand, is coming off a stellar win against Joe Lauzon in April. One thing is for sure...this fight will be one for the record books in the lightweight division. Stay tuned for more on this exciting match-up.

by Jen Leigh

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MMA - It Takes a Lot

Toby "TigerHeart" Grear

As a promoter I am constantly getting emails and calls from people wanting to fight in my events. It is nice to have a continual flow of fresh faces willing to step into the cage. One problem that promoters face is the large number of people who have no experience or proper training. It's not uncommon to have someone tell you they want to be on your fight card and learn that they have no training whatsoever. I would love to help them out, but, I'm not in this business to get someone killed or handicapped for life. I am looking for the matches that are most even and will last longer than the first 35 seconds. Uneven matches make for a poor event and the fans notice these kinds of things. I am willing to give a fighter their first match, but not if they tell me that they only train in Tai Kwan Do. I want to see well rounded fighters, who can handle themselves on their feet or on the ground. So here are some things to think about before you try to make the jump into the cage.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Roxy Balboa VS. Priscilla Solano - Hollywood Park Casino on April 26, 2008

Roxy Balboa fought an amazing Muay Thai fight for the IAMTF US Women’s Lightweight Title at the Hollywood Park Casino on April 26, 2008. Roxy was relentless as she punished Solano with blows to the chin over and over again. It is awesome to watch Roxy dominate in the ring. Her fitness level is so high, she is like one of those Energizer batteries because she keeps "going and going". Solano has a tough chin and put on a great fight as well, but Roxy's striking and her endurance level are way beyond what I have seen in a lot of fighters.

Here is the video from her fight:

by JP Berube

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kaitlin Young Interview with Bill Smallwood

Who and what have you been doing to step up your ground game?

Well, I haven't been doing anyone...hehe... seriously though, I've been spending a lot more time rolling and drilling the ground game. I've also tried to hit up grappling tournaments when time permits.

Explain you coming off an arm bar against Sara Schneider. Are you hungry for a win?

A loss is always disappointing, but it has made me more motivated to train. I hate losing.

You and Gina Carano are both are excellent strikers and both extremely aggressive on the offense. How do you see the fight ending?

I'll catch her in a front head lock and give her noogies until she submits.

Click here for the full interview

The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode Four

I wanted to begin this week with a continuation as to who I thought would be the people to watch, for the rest of the season; since my #1 pick was already out. The man I neglected to mention before is Tim Credeur. With an obviously superior jiu-jitsu game that was displayed in his preliminary elimination bout, I could not forego sharing my premonition with you all. This week it seems that my prediction would come true. They would begin as always, by showing us a replay of last week's fight, with a few competitors giving their thoughts and feelings about the matter. The commercials coming in would lead me to believe that there was only one guarantee this week: Dante Rivera and Matt Riddle would engage in a certain exchange of choice vocabulary, with perhaps even a non-sanctioned brawl between these two looming in the not too distant future.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dana White, the Ultimate Bad Guy

If you have visited any MMA forums, you have probably seen the Dana White posts. They clog up so many of the forums with their unending flood of insults and flaming. You see so much that you almost begin to believe what you read. I have seen posts about how Dana is the worst thing that has happened to MMA, how Dana has ruined the UFC, and I could go on and on. It becomes a virtual river of hatred for a man most of us have never met and know little to nothing about. Honesty what do most of us know? We know what we see on television, on Pay per view, in interviews and on Internet posts. How much of this is the real Dana White and how much is hype? What is the real truth behind it? I really don't know. What I do know is that we wouldn't have MMA or a UFC without him and would have to turn our hatred elsewhere...

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Fight Night in Dothan

Dothan, Alabama, 90 miles outside of Birmingham, with a population of 62,713 has become a melting pot for its friendly atmosphere of Southern Hospitality. Dothan once played host to the UFC back on February 7, 1997 for UFC 12 "Judgment Day", also known as the "underground" era of the UFC. UFC 12 was the first UFC event to feature weight classes; heavyweights at 200lbs and up and lightweights at 199lbs and under. This event featured the "Super-fight" between Dan Severn and Mark Coleman which would determine the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Coleman defeated Severn with a nasty triangle choke which forced him to tap. The event also marked the first appearance of Joe Rogan, who was handling backstage and in-cage interviews for the event...

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MMA - A Matter of Heart

I was sitting at home watching the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter. I, along with most people, was surprised by Dana White's move. Instead of the normal 16 fighters they usually have at the show start, there were 32. They had to pair off and fight for their spots on the show. I personally loved the idea. I get bored really quick with the antics of the fighters and the little amount of actual fight time the show has. I want to see the fights. We all know that each and everyone of them have made BIG sacrifices to be there. Most leave family or jobs behind to be on the show. On the other hand, there is too much crying about what they gave up and not enough about what they stand to gain...

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Monday, April 21, 2008

UFC 83 recap, It was all about GSP

The first time in Canada the UFC premiered live on PPV April 19, 2008 live from Montreal. Montreal just happens to be the birthplace of Georges St-Pierre.

Mac Danzig VS. Mark Bocek (Lightweight bout)

Round 1:
Round one started out with Bocek and Mac on the ground with Bocek on top. During the last 40 seconds Mac switched things around and finished the round strong on top of Danzig pummeling him with fists.

Round 2:
Mac throws a knee landing on the jaw of Bocek. The crowd chants Bocek as Danzig slams him with another knee to the face. Danzig clearly dominates throughout round 2.

photo courtesy of The Gazette (Montreal)

Click here for the full story on UFC 83

Friday, April 18, 2008

On the Eve of a Major UFC PPV

Ah, the excitement, the anticipation... warm up your couches, fire up the grill and fill your fridge with plenty of beer... UFC 83 is here!

We all have our favorite fighters, picks and opinions, but the truth remains... until Saturday arrives, no one knows who will win. UFC 83 has shaped up to be one of the biggest UFC PPV's in history. It is the organization�s very first time in Canada, for starters. In addition, the unification welterweight title fight between GSP and Matt Serra has EVERYONE on the edge of their seats waiting for the outcome... who will it be? Will it be Long Island's jokester or the ripped French Canadian? Will Travis Lutter shine and reign over UFC favorite Rich "Ace" Franklin for another title shot at Anderson Silva? Does he deserve one after not making weight before? Or will Rich ride the comeback trail as the champ we all know him to be?

Who do you choose? And why? What is it about a certain fighter that makes him your favorite to win? Come Sunday morning we will all be talking up a storm over UFC 83, and one thing's for sure; history will be made!

by Jen Leigh

Why does MMA intrigue you?

I would like to start off by introducing myself to all of you fighters, fans, promoters, sponsors and anyone involved in the world of mixed martial arts! My name is Donna Knoll from Atlanta, Georgia. I was a taekwondo student briefly as a child, but never stuck with it because we moved around so much with the Army. It wasn't until 1993 and the first UFC that I developed an interest for Mixed Martial Arts. Like many, I was in awe watching Royce Gracie dominate Gerard Gordeau who was a much larger fighter. I lost touch for a few years when I lived overseas in Germany, but throughout the past several years, my passion for following MMA has grown. Most people I meet who are not knowledgeable about the sport are shocked that I am such a big fan of MMA; to that I say, "Don't let the feminine appearance fool you". I can get loud and obnoxious watching a fight...

Click here for Donna's full article

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funny, she doesn't look like a bulldog (Felice Herrig Interview)

Felice Herrig "lil bulldog" arrived on television in June of 2007 on the Fight Girls. The reality show featured American female fighters. In a short amount of time the women were taught muay thai kickboxing by the instructor Master Toddy. With the muay thai skills just learnt the fighters fought each other for the right to go compete in Thailand. Thailand is generally thought to have the best muay thai fighters in t he world. All but one of the five American fighters won their Thailand fight. "Lil Bulldog" does not stand for Felice Herrig's looks, unless you do realize little bulldogs are cute as can be. It is for her fighting style. She keeps going forward no matter what is thrown at her; like a bulldog she just keeps going at her opponent.

Click here for the full interview with more pics of Felice Herrig!

The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode Three

I would just like to begin by making a couple corrections to last week's edition. First, it was 3 solid shots to Simmler's "sweet spot" (instead of 2), while on the ground that most likely caused his injury. Also, the major mistake that I had made is that Gerald Harris did not win by T.K.O. stoppage; it was a well-deserved decision victory for him.

Once again this week the anticipation had reached its boiling point and as the hype would suggest, this weeks installment of the ongoing TUF saga would not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination. Coming in, the commercials would make it seem quite certain that someone's bed in the house would become vacant. As I prepared to let my wrist relax for a regular episode (as opposed to covering 8 fights in one hour), my gut instinct would tell me to keep a hawk-eye on the entire situation.

Click here for the full story of Otto's TUF 7 coverage

MMA - Equivalent to Life (a fan's perspective)

There are an endless amount of sports today that combine team work, camaraderie and above all else the chance to taste sweet victory. Building the bond and trust between fellow teammates is a trait we've all been taught to cherish since the first time we stepped onto a practice field. Having the privilege of being side by side with your best friends and brothers in competition has given all of us a feeling of comfort in knowing they will be there to cover our every mistake. My sport of choice growing up was football...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Promoter's Life

by John Poe

When you think of a Promoter, you think of money, power, and the glitz. Most people see them at the shows hob-knobbing with fighters, ring girls, politicians, and practically everyone. What most people fail to see is what goes on behind the scenes. It's not that glamorous and actually is very stressful. I thought I would share the heartaches and triumphs in promoting a show. This is how it happened and what I went through.

Having been involved in martial arts since childhood, I was drawn into the world of MMA from the start. I don't want to give my actual age, but let's say I was an adult watching the first UFC from my living room. In 2007 I felt secure in my career and decided to make the jump into promoting...

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Meet Franca, Grigsby on Wednesday, RFC Friday

Reed Wallace of White Chocolate Management Inc.,confirmed what was firm announced on MMANews. His event this Friday in South Florida is having a press event on Wednesday, April 16th, with Free MMA gear, UFC title contender Hermes Franca (pictured with the owner of Sobe Knockouts) as well as WEC fighter Chuck Grigsby and fighters from Friday's event.

Revolution Fighting Championships held at the "Revolution Fight Club" explodes this Friday in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

At the press event being held at the new MMA retail store “Sobe Knockouts” on South Beach Miami, fighters from the card on Friday will also be present. The event will serve to bring the fighters right to the fans in Miami and ensure they know about the event later in the week.

To ensure fans will show up to the press event that had little notice, Reed has promised that he would bring free gear from several companies he works with including free Affliction shirts, Tapout gear, as well as Scrap gear.

Sobe Knockout’s location is on 235 9th Street, Miami Beach 33139 and is open to 9pm during the week. They have all kinds of mixed martial arts clothing and gear from boxing gloves to wrestling shoes and more fashionable MMA shirts than any one person could ever need to choose between.

Friday’s event will be headlined by Roger Krahl of Wolfpack American Top Team fame and veteran of many Florida MMA bouts. Roger highlighted his 2007 win a win over Jeremy May who is currently making a name for himself on the Ultimate Fighter reality show. Roger’s opponent will be the former Green Bay packer, Herbert Goodman. Other fighters listed on to be in action this Friday include: Eben Oroz, Efrain Ruiz and Mike Ortiz.

Sid, marketing director for Sobe Knockouts, said to also look out for Shah Bobanis who has had an exceptional training camp for a fight taken even on short notice.

So you want to be a fighter huh? (MMA out of the Spotlight)

If you have a pulse, you've seen it on TV. MMA is blowing up worldwide, with events and reality shows surpassing Pay-Per-View records and carrying entire television networks. The sport has undeniable characteristics that make it nearly impossible to stay away from. You will cheer, stand behind your favorites, and at times cringe from the sight and sound of a thundering body kick or joint popping submission. No matter what the case may be, one thing is for sure? you're as good as hooked. Crowds roar with a big victory. Fighters are hoisted, heroes, catered to, sponsored, and made household names. We've all heard our friends say it. "I should be a fighter" or, "I could take that guy no problem." They are CLUELESS as to what goes on behind the scenes ?the torture, blood, sweat, and tears of training alone will weed out most after their very first day... So you want to be a fighter huh?

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Everybody was Cung Le fighting (Cung Le Interview - 4/14/2008)

by Penny Buffington of

Carl Douglas sang "Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting"; this song I hear lately over and over in my head. I switched it up a bit though and sing to myself, "Everybody was Cung Le fighting." Sometimes I sing it out loud, like when I was playfully throwing my version of a leg kick at my 16 year old son and knocked my knee on the corner of the doorway. My son was looking at me like I was a retard.

Cung Le doesn't look like a retard throwing a leg kick. Or a flying back fist, flying leg scissors etc. He, instead, looks unbelievably gifted. The woe's and the aah's flow freely from my mouth as I watch this Mixed Martial Artist work his way to superstardom. When I spoke with him this past Saturday, I told him he was a freak of nature. Gosh, I hope he knows I was giving him a compliment!

Click here to see the full interview with Cung Le

OttO raps with Pete Spratt - 4/13/2008

First off, would you like to give your thoughts and feelings about your upcoming fight on April 26th?

I am confident that I will put on a great performance on April 26th. I really don't know much about Von Flue other than he is a fellow TUF member, his ground game is good and that he has a nice technique named after him. I feel if I bring my A game I will do well in the fight and I am there to put on a great show for the VA fans.

What exactly led you to want to fight professionally in MMA?

I really didn't want to pursue a career in MMA. It just kind of fell into my lap. I was training Kenpo Karate, boxing and kickboxing while in college during the off season's to stay in shape for football. After not getting my shot with Buffalo, Philly or Washington I decided to give up football. I didn't want to play CFL or Arena ball so I gave it all up and decided to continue my education and be a graduate assistant at my Alma mater Southeastern Oklahoma State University. While coaching and training I had a couple of friends that were fighting professionally in MMA and I decided to give it a shot and I enjoyed it. This gave me an outlet to appease my appetite for contact and be a professional athlete and 9 years later it has become my way of life.

Click here for the full interview

Friday, April 11, 2008

“Sean Sherk Must Provide an Extra Drug Test”: NSAC

Sean Sherk, who tested positive for the steroid nandrolone in California in July 2007 and was suspended from fighting for six months, today presented himself before the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) via telephone to answer questions the Commission had for him. Sherk is scheduled to fight BJ Penn in Las Vegas on May 24th at UFC 84: Ill Will. He is in the midst of the application procedure for his license to fight in the state of Nevada.
Sherk’s license would normally be administratively approved with no further mention but given his positive test for nandrolone in California in 2007 the NSAC wished to discuss the matter in more detail.
Sherk has already submitted all the necessary medical and administrative paperwork for his license to be approved. A commission member asked Sherk, “Mr. Sherk, do you understand that the NCAC will hold you responsible for anything that comes up positive in your test, irrespective of your knowingly taking a certain steroid?”
“Yes I understand that I am responsible for anything that goes into my body,” Sherk answered.
Given his prior record of testing positive for steroids, the Commission decided to impose an extra requirement on Sherk: in addition to his paperwork being in order and submitting himself for the regular drug and steroid test the night of his fight against Penn, the NSAC has voted to require Sherk to present himself for an additional drug and steroid test during the week of April 21st.
One staff member also asked Sherk to explain an assault charge that Sherk received in 1994. Sherk explained that he was at a bar with friends, and one friend got into a fight with another group of men. Sherk got involved as the fight moved to the parking lot but claimed it was “a mistake… something I wouldn’t do again”.
The commission member asked Sherk to confirm that he had no plans for such activity when he visits Las Vegas. Sherk responded, “No I haven’t fought outside the ring in the last ten years.”
Satisfied with his response, the NSAC confirmed the decision to require Sherk to take the extra drug test, and moved to the next order of business.
Sherk’s fight with Penn is widely anticipated by mixed martial arts fans, who recall Sherk’s ability to take down BJJ black belt Kenny Florian at will during their encounter at UFC 64. Penn’s wiliness on the ground and ability to withstand takedown attempts lead many to believe that he may be able to shut down Sherk’s wrestling-based style.

Strikeforce Airs Saturday April 12, 2008 on NBC

by staff

Here is yet another major milestone in the sport we all know and love. Get ready for MMA to make it's debut on network TV. There will be plenty of action and profiles of the fighters, including special footage of Cung Le, according to Strikeforce is taking on some heavy hitters as it goes up against late night giants like Conan O’Brien. The fights will air on Saturday April 12 at 2AM ET.

logo image courtesy of

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rumor: Fedor vs Sylvia undercard fights added

Just yesterday sherdog released that Fedor will be facing Tim Sylvia over the summer. has learned through some sources, and also on the Savage Dog Show, that they have added some fights to the fight card. Here are the rumored bouts:

Tim Sylvia Vs. Fedor

Andrei Arlovski Vs. Ben Rothwell

Babalu Vs. Mike Whitehead

Pedro Rizzo Vs. Josh Barnett

Alexander Emelienenko vs. TBA

The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode Two or "I Wonder If He's Still Eating Through a Straw?"

As the newest installment of The Ultimate Fighter show began, the next sixteen fighters that step up and stake their claim in the house were being reminded of the dog-eat-dog situation they were in. Win or go home was the order of the day that Dana White had for these gentlemen with eight more fast paced match-ups, or so called "coach evaluations". As the camera switched over to locker room footage of the first two combatants taping up, one could not even guess the magnitude of punishment set to be dealt this particular evening. I myself even stood corrected in a prediction made last week in my first edition!


Babalu gets his Black Belt from Gracie Barra

One of the best all around fighters that the UFC ever let walk from the organization, Renato "Babalu" Sobral, has finally reached BJJ greatness. He recently received his well deserved and long awaited black belt from his Gracie Barra team.

Sobral (29-7) was let go by the UFC after his fight against David Heath at UFC-74. After beating the will to live out of Heath for about a round and a half, Babalu secured a text-book Anaconda choke. As the ref stepped in to break it off, Babalu smiled and squeezed the neck of Heath even hard for an extra 2 or 3 seconds as he looked at the ref and smiled.

In my opinion, Babalu is one of the most under-rated and over looked fighter in the 205 pound division. He is a medalist for his native country in wrestling, a world class BJJ practitioner and has great stand up for a guy so focused on his ground game.

He has a lot of good wins over quality fighters, with his losses all coming from guys like Fedor, Henderson, Liddell....well, you get my point.

I am a fan of Sobral and I hope to see him fight in a major organization sometime very soon.

Props to him on his recent accomplishment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interview with Mohammed Lawal

by Bill Smallwood - staff

What is leading you into MMA?

I have always wanted to do MMA since I watched the early UFCs. When I saw that, I knew it was for me. I even told my boys in High School that I was gonna be a professional fighter. I wanna be an MMA legend. I am an avid student of the fight game.

What are your accomplishments in the MMA realm or related sports?

I am a US World Team Member and National Team member. I have won quite a few tournaments and I'm a two time freestyle national champion. I feel like my wrestling accolades don't real hold much water in MMA due to the fact that I didn't have to worry about submissions, punches, knees, kicks, and elbows. I don't want to be the "typical" lay and pray wrestler people hate to watch.

What leads you to believe you will become an MMA powerhouse?

I am an avid student of MMA. I watch film daily. I wanna be a great fighter. I also wanna be a fighter that is well versed in all areas of the fight game.

Who are your workout partners and where do you train?

I am currently training out of Temecula, California at Team Quest. I've got a great team with me; Dan Hendo, Heath Simms, Ryan and Rachel Parsons, Mayhem Miller, Sokoudjou, Romulo Barral, Alberto Crane, Soa Palielie, Brain Stann, Jesse Taylor, Josh Hall, Mark Bocek, Fernando, Krysoffe, Laurence, Brian Harper, Baby Vini "the team quest playboy", and Brenda.

What aspect of MMA do you focus on more to improve?

I am working on my striking and jiu-jitsu as well as my wrestling. I wanna get stronger in my strengths. And my interviews, LOL!

Do you believe amateur, college, and Olympic wrestlers make the best transition in MMA?

I don't believe that at all. I believe it helps, but I think it is the person's background and personality. If depends on if they are coachable, confident, have good training habits, possess the ability to learn and adapt. There have been many Olympic wrestlers that have been smashed in the MMA game and there have been high school and sub par college wrestlers that have gone on to be MMA stars. Look at GSP, his background was karate; as well as Lyoto Machida.

What is your favorite fight organization out of HD net Fights, Elite XC, Strikeforce, and UFC?

I have no preference. I just wanna be able to fight the best. I don't really care about the fame.

What are the strongest words known to man, you live by.

I am like a God in search of my power. I want to get it by overcoming all obstacles.

How can MMA-Underground and your fans follow your continued success and possibly a live show?

Hit me up on myspace ( or go to myspace and search for Ryan Parsons, the greatest MMA coach on the Planet. Or hit up MMA-Underground. I plan on talking to y'all a lot more in the future and I cant forget Eddie Goldman; search for him on myspace.

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

I drink Lightforce Greens, wear ClinchGear and CageFigher. Get you some! I also love old school kung fu flicks and hate to read books....LOL!

Photos courtest of Mohammed Lawal's myspace site

Sam Vaquez dies in sanctioned MMA event

The cause of death for mixed martial arts fighter Sam Vasquez has been determined as a severe brain injury, as first reported by Steve Sievert of the Houston Chronicle.

The report listed that the statement from the medical examiner’s office indicated the 35-year-old fighter died of “complications from blunt trauma to the head with subdural hemorrhage.”

Vasquez passed away on Nov. 30 after a fight with Vince Libardi ended by knockout. Vasquez was hospitalized after the bout.

Following his admission to the hospital, Vasquez suffered a stroke and underwent several surgeries to try and alleviate the problems caused by the head trauma, but the fighter succumbed to the injuries and passed away.

Vasquez is survived by his wife and young son, and is the first MMA fighter to die from injuries sustained while in competition.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

10 fights I would like to see..

1. Fedor vs Randy Couture

This fight needs to happen to see who is the true number 1 heavyweight..

2.Rampage vs Shogun 2

Personally I think this would be a different fight inside the octagon.

3. Urijah Faber vs BJ Penn

Maybe at a catch weight of 150??

4. Dan Henderson vs Rich Franklin

This fight would be to see who is number 2 behind Silva.

5. Cung Le vs Anderson Silva

Gary Shaw said before the Le - Shamrock fight that the winner should be ranked number 1. Did he forget that there's a guy out there named Anderson Silva?

6.Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva

I would love to see rounds 4,5 and 6

7.Nick Diaz vs Gomi 2

Did Gomi have an off night, or can Nick do it again?

8. Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra

With all the hype and trash talking this fight needs to happen.

9. Dan Henderson vs Chuck Liddell

Great chin vs Great puncher
Great wrestler vs A guy with the best takedown defense

10. Jon Fitch vs GSP

This fight will happen soon.

Now remember these are atleast 10 fights that I would like to see in the future sometime.. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them , or if you have any fights that you would like to add, post them and we can talk about them..

Women Who Love MMA - LET ME HEAR YOU!

This blog is for all the MMA-loving female fans, fighters & promoters out there. I want to hear from you!

I first got turned onto watching mixed martial arts & the UFC back in the mid 90's, thanks to my older brother and some of his friends who studied BJJ. One of those friends, Kip Kollar, is the founder of (be sure to check them out if you're not hip). Kip used to hire me to play the 'star-spangled banner' Hendrix style before his grappling tournaments back east, when I lived there. This was around 2001-2002. I loved it! Watching everyone's passion and excitement, even on a smaller show scale, was inspiring to me. I have been a professional musician/guitarist my entire adult life, so passion is something I am very familiar with. When I think back on it now, that was most likely what drew me to the world of MMA. Seeing the passion, dedication, discipline & sacrifice involved in doing this sport was something that I could relate to. In my profession, all of those same entities exist. I have always felt that the music business & MMA are parallel in many ways.

It was at this time that I started following the UFC and its fighters like I followed any band or artist. I watched it religiously, and educated myself more and more on every aspect of the sport. I never bought into the 'human cockfighting' mentality. I saw and understood the genuine skill, athleticism & mental power needed to fight. Following the UFC and other organizations has become part of my life. It is now a dream of mine to combine my love for MMA with my passion of music. My song, THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE, is just the beginning.

I could go on and on for days about my favorite fighters, UFC history, etc...but I would rather hear from you - Women who LOVE MMA...tell me your did you first get in to it. Why do you like it? Do you think women should be allowed to fight in this sport? There are thousands of female fans all over the world & we deserve to be heard.

And to all of you, I say....rock on! (to hear THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE)

Monday, April 7, 2008

OttO's predictions for UFC 83, April 19th, at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Let me start off by saying, that this fight card is definitely showcasing some of the finest talents from both north and south of the border, and it is somewhat hard to choose a winner for some. But, after some careful consideration, I believe that I can provide you all with my own personal predictions for this particular event, the first of its kind in the Great White North!

It is my understanding that the first bout on the main card will be Mark Bocek from Toronto, and the most recent TUF winner Mac Danzig. Of course this may not be true, but I feel it is a good place to start, anyways. Personally I feel that neither of these men is lacking in raw talent, but I would have to give this one to Mac. Although Bocek has a very impressive record, only losing to tough wrestler Frankie "The Answer" Edgar (who remained undefeated until Saturday night, of course), I do not believe that he has the amount of experience, or even the pure strength to compete at Mac's level. The man is the epitome of pure professionalism, and he's shown time and time again that even without animal protein, one can achieve great success in MMA. So, that being said, I'm calling it like this: Danzig the victor by triangle choke in the 2nd round.


Photo courtesy of:

Fedor to take on Tim Sylvia in July

With the recent announcement that M-1 Global was to be replaced by Adrenaline MMA and that Fedor would be a free agent lead many to speculate that Fedor might find himself in the UFC or EliteXC, but the news coming out of Fedor's camp says different.
According to sources in the Red Devil team, Fedor will take on Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia in an Adrenaline MMA event on July 19 in the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.
When you consider that Mark Cuban's HDNet Fights events have been held in this same venue and that the Dallas Mavericks owner has show a huge amount of interest in Fedor since his recent arrival in the sport, smart money is betting that this fight will be broadcast live on HDNet.

Hermes Franca Signs With WCM, AKA The Guys Who Sued Rampage

According to and confirmed by the fighter himself:

Hermes, who sports a 18-6 professional record was last seen in the UFC where the champion Sean Sherk was unable to knockout or submit the Brazilian fighter who has trained with, and been a valued member of, everyone from the American Top Team to the Armory. With his latest move to the White Chocolate Management Team, Franca plans to shortly announce a new relationship with a team that will keep him in his best shape for when he returns shortly to active competition. Hermes mentioned this past weekend at the Warrior's Collide event that he has offers to headline an upcoming event. He also has several potential sponsors his management team are currently reviewing. The likely next fight will be this summer.

He is pictured here with his manager Reed Wallace, the 2008 Judo Olympian Adler Volmar and Sid Needelman of the retailer Sobe Knockouts. He will be showing up to several events tied to the Revolution Right Club event on April 18th, which is run as well by WCM.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kendall Grove vs. Evan Tanner At The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale

Just saw this on Kendall's site, Grove vs. Tanner at the TUF Finale

ShoXC Fight Recap - 4/5/08 round-by-round

ShoXC (Showtime and EliteXC) at Friant, CA at the Table Mountain Casino
April 5, 2008

This is going to be a short blog because we had a short fight night. Every fight ended in the first round! Here's a quick round-by-round recap.


Doug Evans VS. Bao Quach (Catchweight 147)

Round 1:
Evans shoots in sloppily and Quach attempts a guillotine, but fails. Evans, the wrestler, tries to exchange with a Quach, the Muay Thai fighter. Unfortunately for Evans, he left his hands down and Quach KO's him in 55 seconds of the first round.

Bao Quach winner by KO


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UFC 86 “Jackson vs. Griffin” Officially Announced

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced UFC 86 “Jackson vs. Griffin”, which will take place on July 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. The pay-per-view event will be headlined by “The Ultimate Fighter 7″ coach and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and fellow-coach and former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Forrest Griffin who will clash for the UFC 205-pound title.
“Forrest Griffin has come full circle; he started in the UFC as a competitor on The Ultimate Fighter and now he is a coach of the show. Rampage Jackson took the UFC by storm by defeating Chuck Liddell to become the UFC Light Heavyweight champion and then defeating Pride champion Dan Henderson to unify the belts,” said Dana White, UFC President, in a press release announcing the July event. “Both of these guys did great as coaches this season, and now they will face off for the undisputed UFC World Light Heavyweight Championship.”
Tickets for the event will go on sale Saturday, April 12th, beginning at 1pm ET and will range in price from $800 to $50. Two presales will also take place before tickets go on sale to the general public. UFC Fight Club members can purchase tickets beginning Wednesday, April 9th at 1pm ET while UFC newsletter subscribers can purchase tickets beginning Friday, April 11th at 1pm ET.
The UFC has also confirmed three additional bouts for the July 5th fight card. In main card action lightweight contender Joe Stevenson will take on Gleison Tibau and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir will face Justin McCully. On the untelevised preliminary card, Melvin Guillard will return to the octagon against Dennis Siver.
UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin Fight Card
Main Card
Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest GriffinUFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Joe Stevenson vs. Gleison Tibau
Frank Mir vs. Justin McCully
Preliminary Bouts
Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver

Friday, April 4, 2008

Interview with Joe Camacho before his ShoXC fight on Saturday April 5, 2008 11:30PM ET/PT

Joe, I've heard that you have been into martial arts since you were six years old and I've also heard that you wanted to become a professional skateboarder also. That said, how did you end up with a bachelor's degree in art and design?

Well I mean I've always been into art. My mother always wanted me to stick to the books first, you know, stick to my talent, and stick to what I put my all heart into which was art. Growing up I was always drawing, coloring, entering art contests, and getting scholarships and grants from all over. I won a poster contest from the LAPD, and they gave me a scholarship, going to art school and so forth, so yea I mean art has been a big part of me growing up and that kept me out of the negative surroundings. You know, growing up in East Los Angeles, although I mean, I am from East LA but like I didn't grow up in the bad area of East LA but being that I was raised by a loving family and a loving mother, she kind of guided me in the right direction.

So I guess that kept you out of trouble? Even so, even though you grew up in the good part of East LA, have you ever had to use your fighting skills out in the streets?

Um, yea, I mean growing up I did get into fights because I was defending myself and defending myself from getting my skateboard stolen or bike stolen. You know, you get some thug trying to jump me for my bike or something, I had to fight for it. If he's gonna get it he's going to get hurt going for it. But, then I wasn't into fighting, I didn't take a martial arts structured class then you know, back then I was into the martial arts theatrics, you know the movies, Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Theater, so I've always followed the martial arts in that way because my mother wanted me to be so involved with school and books and sporting events as far as after school activities, you know. She knew that by keeping me in sports it would help improve my grades because she knew that in order for me to stay in sports I would have to have good grades.

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Auditions at Cung Le's Gym!

Owned Entertainment, Inc. congratulates undefeated MMA fighter Cung Le on his submission victory over MMA legend Frank Shamrock, live on Showtime this past weekend. Le won a hard fought battle by kicking and breaking Frank Shamrock’s arm in the third round, leaving him unable to continue. Cung Le has now gone undefeated for eleven years of competition and has captured the Strikeforce middleweight belt. Owned President Mr. Hergott comments on behalf of Owned Entertainment, Inc.: “Many are saying that Cunge le is the next Bruce Lee. Le is a true champion in every sense of the word, and truly deserves this win. The fight was very exciting and both competitors left it all in the cage. We would also like to congratulate Frank on a tremendous effort.” Auditions for both the ‘Own3D’ movie and a new reality show are being held at Cung Le’s gym Universal Strength Headquarters in the San Jose area April 5th and 6th. Click here to read the full article.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

UFC Fight Night 13 - Why all the controversy?

Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin

James Irvin looked like a guy that was winding up to knock one out of the park when he gets the TKO against Alexander in only 8 seconds, tying the UFC's fastest knockout record. The superman punch wasn't the one that did Alexander in; it was one coming from the top while Alexander was down on the mat. Alexander makes gestures to the crowd pleading that he was "still conscious". In my opinion, Mazzagatti did the right thing.

Karo Parisyan vs. Thiago Alves

Karo was clearly dominating Alves. It looked like Karo's night. Suddenly, in round 2, Alves steps up and brings Parisyan a face-full of knee. Parisyan is down with arms flailing as Alves delivers a few strikes. Mazzagatti does the right thing again.

Some of these guys are way too emotionally attached to the outcome of the fights for their own good. Parisyan looked like he had been KO'd mentally after the fight was stopped. So why all the controversy? Even if these guys are out for a second there is the potential for major damage. MMA is relatively safe because of these kinds of stoppages and it is for the fighters' own good. We need to give the referees a break unless we've walked in their shoes. Nobody likes to lose a fight, but brain damage or other serious injury is a much worse alternative!

The Ultimate Fighter 7: Team Rampage VS. Team Griffin

As the dust from one of the most intense UFC Fight Nights on record was settling, the premier of arguably the most anticipated season of The Ultimate Fighter show yet was delivered to MMA fans. Immediately following the fight card the TUF show topped off an insanely spectacular evening of fights to say the very least.

This season of TUF will be showcasing the coaching talents (or possible lack thereof), of UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and the number one contender, for that very belt and light-heavyweight winner from Season 1 of the Ultimate Fighter, Forrest Griffin. Both men have seemingly been enjoying their respective careers, especially, as of late, with both men scoring victories over a who’s who list of international top-level competition. Griffin, scored a 3rd round rear naked-choke victory over the highly touted favorite from the Pride organization, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. By doing so he earned himself his current number one contender status. Rampage of course is the only man to K.O. “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell (in the first round, no less). Rampage also earned a hard fought decision victory over “Dangerous” Dan Henderson at UFC 75 unifying both the UFC Light-Heavyweight and Pride Middleweight belts.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shogun Rua eyes return in September

“The surgery was very quick, lasted 50 minutes, was quiet. Now I hope for healing and I think here in about two months I can return to training slowly, very cautiously…. Depending on my recovery, I think that I can fight again in September or October. We always talked with Dana White and also would like to thank him because the UFC offered me a doctor, a physical therapist — all to get me help. They have been very attentive with me.”
– Mauricio “Shogun” Rua tells that his knee surgery was successful and that he hopes to return as soon as September if all things go according to plan. Rua disclosed a knee injury after his submission loss to Forrest Griffin in the Brazilian’s Octagon debut at UFC 76: “Knockout” in September 2007. He had it fixed after that fight, but reinjured the knee while training for Chuck Liddell at UFC 85 in June. Rashad Evans was tapped as Rua’s replacement.