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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hermes Franca audio Interview pre Joe Lauzon fight

Audio Interview- Clay Guida pre Nate Diaz UFC fight

Audio Interview- Clay Guida pre Nate Diaz UFC fight
fight will air 1/31/2009 on the BJ vs GSP fight card
Interview by Penny Buffington

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

16 Year old set to fight at King of the Cage

Harout "The Pain" Karapetyan

Written by The Shiznit Robert Visnick

Sixteen year old Harout was born in Hollywood, Ca. and started training Judo at the young of six. Since then he has been on the climb to the top. His resume is second to none. He has reached the level of first degree black belt in Judo. He is a 4 time Junior National Judo Champion, 2 time Junior Olympic Judo Champion, 7 time California State Judo Champion, 08' On The Mat and U.S. Open Champion, 08' California State Pankration Silver Medalist, 08' National Pankration Team Member, and took 4th place at the World Junior Grappling event. He is currently ranked #1 in the under 17 division at 155 and 170 in Pankration. Harout had his first amateur MMA fight at the age 15 and has since then put together a 16-2 fight record. He is quickly becoming known for being a finisher as most of his wins have come by the way of submission or technical knock out.

Harout trains out of the Main Event Gym and Kenam's Fight Club in Glendale, CA, where he also is a grappling instructor. Occasionally Harout makes his way to the nationally known Legends Gym for training. Harout knows his strong points are his Judo and grappling skills, but he does not shy away from the stand up while training or in the ring/cage. Even with a resume as good as his, he is very humble in knowing that there is always room for improvment in every aspect of his game.

Harout fights at 145 and 155. Even with his young age he has been able to land a decent sponsor after being noticed by Tap or Sleep's owner Jerod Phillips. Since then larger organizations have been taking notice and just waiting for Harout to become of age. Harout will be fighting in King of the Cage in February.


Harout like most 16 year olds has a part time job on the weekends. He is being home schooled so he has the ability to train a few hours a day. Harout stays motivated with the simple ethics of just wanting to be a better person and the best fighter he can be. The younger fighter has the backing and support of his family which is important for every young fighter. He truly feels he is a top ten fighter and that after exploding on to the pro fight scene he will be fighting for a belt in major MMA organization and I believe he can. Keep your eye on Harout “The Pain" Karapetyan because you could very likely be looking at a future champion in Mixed Martial Arts.

Joe Lauzon Interview Fighting Hermes Franca Feb 7th

Joe Lauzon talks about his fight he is headlining at UFC Fight Night in Tampa Fl against Hermes Franca Feb 7th 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Antwain Britt Interview after causing opponent to try and flee from the ring

Antwain “The Juggernaut” Britt: “I can’t promise to make it a long fight but I do promise to make it a show.”

Written by Penny Buffington

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Fresh off the reality show The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 ,Heavyweight, Antwain “The Juggernaut” Britt headed down to the Dominican Republic where he caused his opponent to try and flee the ring after dealing with Antwains vicious ground and pound. Britt told me about the Dec 20th 2008 event, “I fought for Combat Extreme, down in the Dominican Republic fighting Thomas Sonnen. It was fun, fun to go down there and get away from this cold weather. It was a classic striker verses jiu jitsu guy. He was a really well accomplished brown belt down there. But luckily the striker won this time. I ended up winning in the second round due to referee stoppage. He took a lot of facial damage. He was cut up pretty bad. The ref had to stop it because he could not see any more. It was a good win for me.” With a chuckle Antwain explains how his opponent tried to flee the ring during the fight, “He was trying to go under the bottom rope. It was good. We ended up on the ground a couple of times and my top game, my ground and pound, is pretty good. So I was able to stay away from his jiu jitsu a little bit and kind of dominate on the ground also. It was a really well rounded win for me. I’m really proud of it.”

30 year old Antwains official mixed martial arts record stand at 8 wins with 1 lose. Antwain says the experience on the reality was, “Surreal. Man going out there and walking into that UFC training center, seeing all the pictures and all the big time fighters that you see on TV every week. It gave you the feeling that you could really be there one day. There was a bunch of insecure guys. Everyone was wondering what everyone else was bringing to the table it’s an interesting situation to be in.”

I asked Antwain if he had signed a contract to fight for The Ultimate Warrior Challenge organization, “Yes I fought for them. I did really well. I fought Terry “T-Rex” Cohen and knocked him out in about 28 seconds. The promotion was so impressed with me they wanted to sign me to a multiple fight deal. It’s still in the works for an opponent but it looks like it is going to be Mike Van Arsdale.”

“It would actually be 3 years total in May I came in as an armature. I walked in to a gym weighing about 300 pounds I was over weight and out of shape I kind of wanted to get in shape I always was a fan of the sport but never thought I would be good at it so I figured I’d take some basic steps and get in the gym and 3 months later 40 pounds lighter I had my first fight in The Amateur North American Tournament and won that tournament in the open event division and from there just never looked back I had 3 more good amateur wins and went pro and from there I’ve been on a roll.”

“It’s been a tough road I’ve got a great bunch of coaches at the Hybrid Academy in Virginia Beach. They know how to get me where I need to be I’m lucky I don’t think I would be half as successful if I’d went to any other gym in the area. My trainer is Buck Grant. He is the owner also of Hybrid Academy: Muay Thai background, but don’t mistake, we are a full MMA school.”

“The Juggernaut” tells us how one of his sponsors has been a big help with his career, “That was a huge benefit when I signed with Maximum Nutrition. They give me all the supplements that I need. My game is at a whole other level. I’m so explosive. My work out is a quality workout. I can go for hours in the ring. I wasn’t even winded! It is just ridiculous how much of a level increase that stuff gives me. I’m really familiar with taking supplements. I am an All American Wrestler and I played football. I’ve never taken anything that has given me such results in such a short amount of time. I’m really happy with it.” Maximum Nutrition can be purchases at

The interview ended with Antwain telling his fans, “I’m a huge fan of my fans. Any time they can come and see me and check out a fight: I love being in front of people you know pictures autographs interviews I’m all about it so when you see me talk to me like you know me I can’t promise to make it a long fight but I do promise to make it a show.”

Audio from interview with Antwain Britt: